How to Create a Coupon Code

Cart Discounts to Specific Items on Sale

From the left menu, hover your mouse over STORE, then click COUPONS.  The Coupon Admin page will open.

At the top of the form, fill out the Coupon Code. This can be anything you want. Avoid spaces and any special characters. Only use AlphaNumeric characters.

For the DISCOUNT TYPE, select from the three choices:

  1. Percentage Discount
    1. This will give a percentage discount based on requirements used while making the coupon (See below).
  2. Fixed Cart Discount
    1. This will provide a fixed amount discount when all the requirements are met for this coupon (See below).
  3. Fixed Product Discount
    1. This will provide a fixed dollar amount discount on a specific product specified in the coupon (See below).

Coupon Amount will depend on the selection from above.  Enter either a percent or dollar amount.

Allow Free Shipping, if selected will provide free shipping regardless of dollar amount in the cart.

Coupon Expiry Date, select the date which the coupon expires.  Coupon will expire at 11:59pm the day prior to the date set. If you set the expiration date to August 2nd, the coupon will expire at 11:59pm August 1st.


Minimum Spend sets the dollar amount that must be in the cart before the coupon becomes active.

Maximum Spend sets the highest dollar amount that the coupon would apply.  If you give 10% off, and set the Maximum Spend to $100, the customer would get a max of $10 off their purchase.

Individual Use Only.  If checked, only one coupon can be used at a time.

Exclude Sale Items. If checked, coupon would not apply to sale items.

The next section allows you to specify certain items that must be added to cart before the coupon is valid.

Products Operator. Select either AND or OR.  You can select multiple items and require ALL to be added (AND) or at least one must be selected OR before the coupon is valid.

Exclude Products.  Products that the coupon will NOT apply to.  If Fixed Product Discount is selected on the General Tab, if Excluded Products are in the cart, the coupon is NOT VALID.

Categories Operator. Operates the same as Product Operator, but you can select entire categories.

Matching Products
Minimum Qty of Matching Products.  Minimum number of matching products that must be in the cart for coupon to be valid.  If Product A must be in cart for this coupon, you can set Minimum Qty of Matching products to 2 or more. Then, 2 or more of Product A must be in cart before coupon is valid.

Maximum Qty of Matching Products.  Same as Matching Products, but applies to Categories.  ie, 2 items from Category B must be added before the coupon is valid.

Minimum Subtotal of Matching Products.  Subtotal price of all items in the cart. ie, You must spend $10 before coupon is valid.

Maximum Subtotal of Matching Products.  Max amount that this coupon will be applied to.

Discount on Cart with Excluded Products
Check this if you want to override product restrictions if “Cart Discount” was selected on the General Tab.


Usage Limit Per Coupon.  How many times can this coupon code be used, site wide.

Usage Limit Per User.  How many times can a single customer use this coupon code.

First Purchase Only.  This coupon would only be valid on each customers FIRST purchase.


Once all other restrictions are met, any product listed here will be added as a FREE product to the customers cart.
Works well as a Buy one, get one free promotion.

Customer Must Select
If checked, the customer can select their free product from a list of products you’ve selected.

Select Your Give message.  This is the text that will be shown to the customer as they select their free gift.

Allow Multiplication of the Free Products
If checked, the free product will be multiplied for each matching restrictions.
ie, if the customer must purchase 2X of Product A to receive Product B free, if they select 4X of Product A, they will receive 2X Product B free.

BOGO Matching Products.  Get one FREE product for each of the matching products.


Shipping Methods.  You can specify shipping methods that must be chosen before coupon is valid.  This would only be a valid setting if your site offers multiple shipping options.

Payment Methods. You can specify payment methods that must be chosen before coupon is valid. This would only be a valid setting if your site offers multiple payment options.

Allowed Customers. You can specify specific customers that must be logged in before this coupon is valid.

Allowed User Roles.  You can specify specific user roles that the coupon is valid for.  ie, Customer or Wholesale.

Disallowed User Roles.  You can specify user roles where the coupon would NOT be valid. ie, You can make it a valid coupon for everyone, except Customers.


Auto Coupon.  If checked, the coupon will be AUTOMATICALLY applied to the cart once all restrictions are met.

Allow Applying when Invalid.  If checked, if the restrictions are NOT met, the coupon will still be accepted, but will not be applied until all restrictions are met.  A message will be displayed until coupon is valid.

Message.  This will be shown to the user if all restrictions are not met.

All Done, save the new coupon.

Once you are satisfied with the settings, publish the coupon by clicking the PUBLISH button in the top right corner of the browser.

Ignore the Post Expirator settings. It does not apply to coupons.

It is always a good idea to test your new coupon before advertising it.

Add items to your cart to make sure restrictions are being applied correctly. Also, try adding the coupon to the cart when restrictions are NOT met. Make sure it is not accepted.

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