How to Customize Your Dashboard

Arrange your dashboard the way you want it

The first thing you see after logging in to your account is the dashboard page.  It’s a collection of panels that provide information about various aspects of the admin site.  For example, you can see Page Activity, Site Stats or Store Orders.  You are able to rearrange these panels, or remove them.


To select which panels are visible, click the Screen Options link in the top right corner of your Dashboard.  It will expand a selection area that will allow you to select which panels you want to see or hide.


After clicking Screen Options you will see this.



Select your panels, then click Screen Options again.  Your new selections will now be visible.

A good layout for your Dashboard is just to have the WooCommerce Status and WooCommerce Recent Reviews displayed.


Moving Around Your Panels

Once you have selected your panels, you have the option of rearranging them by simply dragging and dropping them on your screen.  Just place your mouse over the title area until your mouse pointer turns into a four way arrow.  Click and hold your mouse, then simply drag the panel to it’s new location.  Simple as that.  From that point on, your new dashboard will be available each time you log in.


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