Processing Online Orders

Once logged into the admin area of your Online Store please navigate to Store > Orders. Once there you will be able to see all the orders submitted on your website.

The orders you are looking for most are probably those in PROCESSING status as these are the new orders. You will be able to easily sort the PROCESSING orders by clicking on the PROCESSING link located above the table view with your currently existing orders.  (Typically, PROCESSING is the default view when you first enter the Order Screen.


After clicking PROCESSING, you will be presented with a table containing only PROCESSING orders.  This is the typical Order Status you will see when Online Orders are received.

To edit an order, you can either click on the Order Number, or the EYE icon to the right side of the order table.


From this table, you also have the option of Printing Invoices and/or Packing Slips.  The buttons to print these items are located on the right side of the Order Table.


After clicking either the Order Number, or the VIEW icon, you will be taken to the Order Details page.  From this page, you can see the complete details of each order, and have the option of changing the status of orders, creating and printing PDF Invoices and Packing Slips, adding FedEx Shipment Tracking information and editing and/or Refunding an order.


From this screen, you can do the following:

  • Change the Order Status from Processing to Completed
  • Resend the Customer the New Order Received Email
    • Under ORDER ACTIONS in top right, select the action and click the Right Arrow icon next to dropdown.
  • Create and Print PDF Invoices and Packing Slips
  • Enter FedEx Tracking Information.
    • This information will be included in an email to the customer when the order status is changed to Completed.
  • Add Order Notes to the order.
    • You can select either Private Note, or Note to Customer.
      • Private Note is only visible to Admins viewing the Order Details.
      • Note to Customer is emailed to Customer and also visible in Order Details.
  • Refund the entire order, or a portion of the order.
    • After clicking REFUND, you are presented with boxes to enter the Refund Amount, and Reason for Refund.
    • There are two buttons to initiate the refund; Refund Manually, or Refund via
      • Refund Manually would be used if you are mailing a check to the customer, or if you handed them cash.
      • Refund via would be used if you want to process the refund back to the credit card used by the customer.

After making any changes to the order, click the SAVE ORDER button in the top right corner, just below Order Actions.

Emails are automatically sent to the customer when Order Status is changed, or a Note to Customer is added to the order.


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